Working with merchants to get them noticed.


With Us


Two ways to work with us

Sponsor products as inline adverts on our homepage to reach our visitors. This is the easiest way to work with us and guarantees exposure for you and your products.

Join us as an affiliate partner to add your products to our catalogue. Your products will be selected from our extensive virtual catalogue when we think they are most relevant.

Sponsor products

You only pay for the exposure you get. Product sponsorships are paid on a CPM (cost per mille) basis, meaning that you pay £3 for each 1000 impressions (views).

Your sponsorships appear on our homepage, so you reach as many potential customers as possible. We give you the best seats in the house so your products get noticed.

Get the most for your money with tracking and analytics. Choose your tracking tags to help analyse your advert performance, or we will automatically add them in for you.

Sponsored products appear as native content, so they don't detract from our user's experience and look great for your potential customers.

Our visitors are looking for gift suggestions and are happy to explore new options. This gives your advert the best chance to be noticed and appreciated.

If you have any questions, please contact To advertise, please submit a sponsorship request.

Become an affiliate partner

Our virtual catalogue is an aggregation of hundreds of merchants' products, which are provided to us through affiliate schemes (using affiliate networks).

Our affiliate partners pay BOON a commission when one of their products is recommended to a user who visits the partner's website and buys the product.

We do not currently deal with merchants or retailers individually. We use affiliate networks like AWIN and Webgains.

If you would like to join as an affiliate partner, please join an affiliate network if you have not done so already and e-mail us at